Shōko Kanazawa
and Her World of Ink

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The Shōko Kanazawa and Her World of Ink exhibition has ended for now, however you may still purchase the catalogue (in Japanese, Czech and English) and we have uploaded a video walk-through as well as new photo galleries.


Press conference: 10th September (Thursday) at 10am
Měšťanská Beseda
Public demonstration and discussion: 11th September (Friday) at 6.30pm
Měšťanská Beseda's atrium (free entry)
Exhibition: 10th September – 11th October 2015
Západočeské muzeum v Plzni

Genius Japanese Calligrapher with Down Syndrom in Europe for the First Time

Shōko Kanazawa is a world-famous Japanese calligrapher who was born with Down syndrome. In contrast to “healthy” artists, the world of calligraphy has become her exclusive living space in which she has gained incomprehensible and inimitable freedom. Shōko started with calligraphy when she was five with her mother, herself a great calligrapher who has been assisting her daughter with her work to this day. Her mother initially saw calligraphy as a means to integrate her disabled daughter into society. But Shōko soon developed her exceptional talent which, along with her unique ability to concentrate and her strong will, helped create a phenomenon that surprised established Japanese artistic circles and enchanted spiritual circles. Her artistic expression is not just spontaneous; her spontaneity is crowned with excellent mastery of technique and classical calligraphic styles. “When Shōko starts writing, everything else ceases to exist."